Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Team Building Workshops Toronto

Team building workshops in Toronto that will help build on the core skills required for being successful in any work or group related environment.

These team building workshops are based on proven improvisational training methods that are very easy to learn and participate in and focus on basic fundamentals we use in our everyday life

These specialized workshops will help to:

  • open all team members to new ideas without judgement or resistance.
  • teach people to be present in the moment to increase focus and awareness.
  • show how to connect and deal effectively in various group settings.
  • increase their ability to trust in teammates while stepping into the unknown.
  • show why looking after and supporting your team members is so important.
These types of activities are very effective for building morale and a sense of accomplishment in a team-based setting.

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Team Building Workshops Toronto

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Gillette venus violet swirl & touch of olay shaving gel

When I used the violet swirl, I could not even feel the blades on my skin combined with the touch of olay shave gel. The shave was smooth & quick. Didn't see the roller ball move maybe it was how I shave my legs. Found that I am not shaving as much now with using the combination of both products - this is a plus. Who wants to shave every day if you don't have to.

The smell of the shaving cream wasn't overly scented & was quite pleasant.

The purple stuff around the razor, I left it sitting on the wet sink and it got all gooey.  Make sure you put the razor upside down to dry, my mistake.

The razor itself was fashionable looking & pretty purple - would love to see pink, blue, lime green as color options.

Overall both are great

How are tried Gillette violet swirl & or touch of olay shaving gel?

What are your thoughts?

I am a bzzagent & got to try both products for free

You Can join here ->

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